DoTerra MLM Review – Is It Legit?

As early as the time of the Egyptians, Essential Oils have been used in a variety of ways. In Egypt they started using them in cosmetics and ointments However, the first recorded use of these oils medicinally, was in China and India around 3000 BC. Today essential oils are still used, and have produced extremely popular products. Creating a 26 billion dollar industry. Let's look at a leading company in this industry, in my DoTerra MLM Review.

DōTerra is one of the most well-known companies that specialize in essential oil products. Their mission since their beginning has been to produce some of the highest quality oils, to share the amazing benefits these products can give to the world.

If you are someone who has interest in essential oil products and would like to earn money in this lucrative industry; then DōTerra does have a program that allows you to do just that. In this DōTerra MLM Review I will be going through everything you need to know about this opportunity. I will go over what it is. We will look at how profitable this could be for you. I will go over some pros and cons for this program. Then I will give you my final thoughts, so that you can decide whether this is a program for you or not. So Let's dig in to this DōTerra MLM Review.

DoTerra MLM Review – What is It?

DōTerra is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company founded in 2008. It is the creation of a group of health care and business associates, led by Entrepreneurial Visionary David Sterling. Their mission was inspired by the healing properties and benefits of the precious resources, derived from these oils. Together they named the company DōTerra, which is Latin for “Gift of the Earth”.

Their Business agenda is fairly simple. Share some of the best quality essential oils with the world, helping others to experience the medicinal benefits of their high end products. This core value of gifting the world has helped its members feel good about being a part of this mission, and also allows them to earn extra cash while doing so. Below is a quick video about the company.

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DoTerra MLM Review How Does Work?

There are 2 main ways you can join DōTerra. You can sign up as a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate. Both of them have their benefits as seen below.

Wholesale Customers would be fit for those who are interested in using DōTerra products for their health and wellness. Joining as a WC customer gives you the perk of purchasing products at a wholesale price. You would also have the option of earning reward points to go towards free products.

Wellness advocates have all the benefits of a Wholesale Customer, but are also given the abilty to refer other people to their own DōTerra website. Any sales made through your website would earn you bonuses and commissions. They are very vague on the commission rate but it seems as though you would be given more on Reward Points than actual  compensation. This is usually typical with most MLMs.

 DoTerra MLM Review – Can You Make Money?

Well, the quick answer is Yes. Now, here's the honestly blunt answer. Starting off, No. 

That is not a definite no, as there are people who have become very successful in DōTerra. There are actually more levels that a Wellness Advocate can strive to advance to. Silver Club, Diamond Club, and Founders Club are top level Advocates that have made themselves major income form this company.

Of course as a Wellness Advocate you are basically at the entry level of this food chain. It has taken a lot of time and learning for these elite members to reach the profitable pinnacle that is the Founders Club. So if you are looking to make it rich with DōTerra then you are going to be very dissappointed once you realise what it actually takes to pull off a decent income.

Another issue is, like other MLMs, DōTerras Advocate Program is structured in what is called a Unilevel bonus system. Which basically means that if you make a sale through the website given to you, it is actually your reffered Wellness Advocate that will recieve a majority of the commissions. Also to even qualify for your payments, you must sell a minimum of 100 PV (point value)  in products monthly. Otherwise you will not recieve any commissions or bonuses.

What is the DoTerra Founder's Club?

The Founder's Club is an opportunity that DōTerra gives it's members that allows them to earn a share in the yearly US profits of the company. There are usually only 200.spots available and to qualify for this you would have to earn points through enrolled referals that you bring into the company. Needless to say making it to this level would take a lot of work and training to be able to harness enough referals.


A Good Cause: 

This is a program that you could actually feel good about sharing with others. Many people can benefit from essential oils and it healing medicinal properties. 

Benefit to Your own Health:

While making a little side income is a perk, I believe the main major benefit is for your own personal use. The products can be very therapeutic, and will definitely aid in your own personal health.


Not a Reliable Income Source:

While you may be able to create a little extra cash for yourself monthly, you really won't make anything that you could make a livining on. To actually make good money you would likely need to aim to be in the Founder's Club.

Poor Bonuses and Compensation System:

Like most MLMs, you would have to enroll people under you to receive any type of bonuses or compensation. Otherwise, any commissions that you may accrue would mostly go to your own sponsor.

Monthly Order Quota:

You must make 100 PV in Products in order to see any compensation for the sales that you bring in. While this may seem like it would be easy to do, you must take into factor the skills you will need to consistently make these referals.

DoTerra MLM Review – Is it Legit?

I believe DōTerra MLM is a legitimate side hustle to earn some extra cash monthly. However, if you were to go at it trying to make a full time income; you probably wouldn't go very far starting off. The process of moving up as a Wellness Advocate to actually start making commissions, takes a lot of time and effort. You will have to constantly keep looking for others to enroll in the program and even then you need to hope they can make sales.

The company it's self tho has been created on good values and a dream of healing the world. This can give you a good feeling about being apart of their programs, as you will be helping others with their health. This is probably why a lot of people have stuck it out with this MLM. Plus they get to reap the health benefits themselves.

DoTerra MLM Review – My Conclusion

There is a reason that DōTerra has become one of the most well known companies when it comes to essential oils. The products they provide are very high quality. They truly do believe in healing the world with their oils. I personally support that ideal myself. It is a very admirable value for a company to have.

DoTerra MLM Review

As far a actually joining them as a Wellness Advocate, I would not recommend. This is one of those programs that people would join, that gives them false promise of making an income. Then once they are in, they realise that they are making next to nothing, and doing more work than they thought they would be.

If you still would like to join DōTerra in their mission to “Gift the World”. I would suggest joining as a Wholesale Customer. This way you can still benefit from the quality medical products being sold. You can also still share with others and earn Reward Points for free products.

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