Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners – It Actually Works

Let me take a guess. You're an aspiring online opportunist and you are just getting your feet wet into affiliate marketing. You've taken lessons and have tried implementing what you've learned. Problem is, no matter what you do, you can't seem to earn a dime. Sound Familiar? Well don't worry, because in this post I'm going to tell you about a money making system that really works. Best Part is, that it's free and tailored for Affiliate Marketing Beginners who want to start making commissions.

Now, I know what you're thinking. This is just another pitch to a course that just wants to make a buck. Well, you're absolutely wrong, because the system I'm going to let you in on is actually free. No gimmicks, and no fee.

So, read on, and find out exactly how you can start making commissions effortlessly.

Why Beginners Struggle to Make Their First Commissions Online

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

Making money online can be a pretty overwhelming task for those just starting out in affiliate marketing. There's a lot of things that must come in to place before they even see their first dollar.

Skills must be learned, inevitable mistakes must be fixed, and affiliate campaigns must be optimized. In reality, it can take at least 6 months before they see a dime come in.

However, a lot of newbies that try their hand at affiliate marketing have very little patience. They go in with a lot of expectations and don't realize that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.

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So, they turn to affiliate products and courses that promise to get them commissions on autopilot. From there, they of course are taken down a road of disappoint. Still oblivious to the fact that, it just doesn't work that way.

Beginners Overlook the Importance of Lead and Traffic Generation

A lot of beginners sit wonder why they are seeing no money coming in. Problem is they completely overlook 2 huge aspects of affiliate marketing. Those aspects are Lead and Traffic Generation.

Some would say they are the same thing but in fact they are 2 separate aspects of any online business. Lead generation is what helps you find potential customers interested in what you offer. Traffic generation is the methods that you use to reach these leads and drive them to your website.

Yes, i guess you could say they go hand in hand. They are 2 very crucial components to affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, they are 2 aspects that most affiliate marketing beginners overlook.

Not knowing that they need training in these skills, they ultimately fail in their affiliate marketing endeavors. But I'd say it's time to fix that.

A Money Making System that is a Game Changer for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

There are a lot of affiliate courses and products out there that claim to help beginners make money online. However, a lot of these products charge you an insane price and really don't help in earning any money.

Sure, some of them will teach beginners the fundamentals of how commissions can be made but they don't show them how. They basically give them false promises and leave them with no direction.

However, there is one system that I found, that literally changes the game for affiliate marketing beginners. That system is the OLSP Academy.

What is the OLSP Academy?

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

The OLSP Academy is an online learning platform that provides free training on affiliate marketing and email marketing. It was created by the legendary Wayne Crowe with the goal of helping beginners learn how to generate leads and traffic.

Wayne takes his students on a path to becoming traffic dominators and rewards them with commissions throughout their journey. Yes, you read that right. You are given commissions within the system.

If you have never made a dime online, you definitely will make your first commission with this system.

What Does the Course Teach?

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

There are 2 different training courses that you have access to when you join the OLSP Academy. The Academy Training and List Building Training.

Before I get into what each training course teaches, I should first explain the OLSP System.

The OLSP (One Lead System Pixel) System

One Link to Rule Them All. This phrase definitely rings true in the OLSP Community. The OLSP System is an ingenious method that Wayne has created to help members earn commissions.

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

When you join OLSP Academy, you are given what is called a Mega Link. This link is your own personal affiliate link within the system. It gives you access to promote any offers, products, or software that is offered by Wayne.

Now these offers are hand pick by Wayne and his team. They are tested and are shown to be the best converting products that will earn you commissions.

Not only will this link garner you commissions, it will also help you in acquiring Leads. This in turn will help you build a profitable email list and earn you more commissions through Email Marketing.

It may sound a bit complicated now but as you go through the training it becomes apparent how powerful this system is.

Academy Training – Affiliate Marketing Beginners

The Academy Training course is a 5 unit course that prepares you for making commissions in the OLSP system. Wayne takes you through step by step and shows you exactly how to use your Mega Link.

Here is an overview of the Lessons.

Unit Lessons
1An Intro Lesson About OLSP and How it Works
2Explanation of the Mega Link
3Utilizing Social Media
4Setting Up Your Email Marketing Campaign and Using Your Mega Funnel
5Making Your Commission System Automated

List Building Training – Affiliate Marketing Beginners

There's one aspect of Affiliate Marketing that is a must if you plan on success. That is Email List Building.

The ROI (Return of Investment) in email marketing is a staggering 3800%. Meaning, if you invest $1 into your email marketing campaigns, you can expect to make $42 profit. So, needless to say, you're gonna want to build an email list.

Wayne has a very unique method to help his members build an email list and make commissions simultaneously. He calls this method the Magick Link.

Here is the List Building Magic Link Lesson Overview:

Step #Description
IntroIntro to the Magick Link
13 Click Setup
2Building Your List
3Making Commissions

This is an absolute gem that Wayne has created and it gets even better. Once you start the list building training, Wayne guarantees your first commission within the next 2 hours.

Not may affiliate training products can say that.

Do You Really Earn Commissions within the Training?

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

Yes, you do earn commissions with the training that Wayne offers. The OLSP system is set up to help you. That is one of Wayne's whole goals with this training.

You may be asking, “Isn't Wayne making money through the offers?”.

Yes, Wayne wouldn't be the legendary marketer he is without making profit himself. However, the magic of this is that when Wayne makes money, then you make money. Essentially, all members of the OLSP system are partners with Wayne.

All offers that are available are hand picked by Wayne and his team. These offers are the best profitable converting offers, that can earn you those commissions in the system.

How Much Can You Make As An OLSP Member?

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

In the screenshot above you can see how much I've made in commissions with OLSP over the last year. Not to shabby.

Now, as with anything in online business, you have to do the work to see the results. The time and investments you put into this system, will definitely reward you with some big time commissions.

My results aren't typical, but they were not hard to attain. I just had to follow Wayne's lessons and I eventually started to get regular commissions on autopilot.

So, basically, their really is no limit to how much you can learn with the OLSP Academy.

Why I Recommend OLSP Academy To Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Ok so, why do I recommend the OLSP Academy. Well. that answer is simple. It actually works.

I have been in the make money online game for just over 5 years now. In that time I tried many ways to earn commissions quickly. I took many course and tried many affiliate products.

A lot of them were complete disappointments, and got me nowhere.

When I discovered the OLSP system, I couldn't believe that it actually worked. Not only that, but it was easy to implement with my affiliate campaigns.

The training in OLSP really taught me some valuable lessons I didn't know. This helped me improve so many aspects of my online business.

So now, I highly recommend the OLSP Academy to anyone getting into affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts – OLSP for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Money Making System for Affiliate Marketing Beginners - It Actually Works

The OLSP Academy is a very innovative training course. Unlike other training platforms it not only teaches you the steps, but allows you to implement what you've learned right away.

When it comes to using email marketing with affiliate marketing, it is the best training you're going to get.

If you are struggling to make commissions in affiliate marketing, I would highly suggest joining the OLSP Academy. The value Wayne gives in this platform can really take your affiliate endeavors to the next level.

Start Your Free Membership with OLSP Academy Below:

Grow Your Email List Through Traffic Domination

OLSP Academy

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