Total Life Changes MLM Review – Is It a Scam?

One interest, that has remained a trending topic in our lives, is Health and Fitness. People spend thousands yearly to try out the newest diet programs and health supplements. They buy new exotic teas and herbal blends that rid their bodies of toxins. Even mineral creams and lotions are purchased to rejuvenate their skin. This surge in the popularity in personal health has made this a 96 billion dollar industry, and it shows no signs of ever slowing down. Needless to say, If you are looking for a profitable niche to earn a living online with, the healthy living industry would definitely be a top pick. So, here is my Total Life Changes MLM Review.

Today I'm going to go over a company called Total Life Changes. This is a company that has made the claim of helping people improve their health and make money easily. I'm going to open the book on this program and tell you exactly what Total Life Changes MLM is. I'll go over who this program will be suited for. Also, I will let you know if this is a viable way to make money online. So Let's get started with my Total Life Changes MLM Review.

What is Total Life Changes MLM?

Total Life Changes is a Health and Wellness MLM company that is based in Ira, Michigan. The company was founded in 1999 by Jack Fallon. There are various products they offer in the Health and Wellness niche. From vitamin supplements to herbal energy teas, they specialize in quality fitness products. Operating under 7 core values they offer their customers the opportunity to become Life Changers. Here is a look at their core values below.


How Does Total Life Changes MLM Work?

To start off I'd like to note that there are 2 different ways that you can sign up with Total Life Changes. You are given the choice of being a Preferred Customer or you can sign up to be a Life Changer Member. Each of them have great perks to take advantage of. The big difference is that as a Life Changer you are able to earn commissions off of sale referrals that you may make. Being a Preferred Customer only allows you to earn points towards free TLC products.

Regardless of which membership you choose, you will be given a personal shopping site for you to use. As a Prefered Customer you are able to shop and share products from this site which will earn you your credits towards that free TLC product. As a Life Changer you would use this site for your personal customers that you bring in. You are also given another site to enroll other prospects to become Life Changers. Once they are enrolled they would be a part of your sales team.

To become a Life Changer the one time fee is $49.95. (This incudes a Business Starter Kit)

Below is an image that shows the benefits with these 2 memberships

Total Life Changes MLM Review – Can You Make Money?

The quick answer to this question is Yes. Can you make a lot of money with TLC? I would have to say no on this one. As I stated above, a Life Changer can make commissions on sales that they make. Here's the thing though. It takes a lot of ability and skill to get referrals to your shopping site. Then you have to hope that they actually buy something.

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Now you are given a decent commission rate, which is 50% of the products point value. However, the process of making these sales can be daunting. Most Life Changers starting out, are constantly running around asking family and friends to become customers. As you can imagine, this method of getting customer leads can get old real fast.

In the image below you can see an estimated monthly average of a Life Changers earnings:

While it is not impossible to earn a decent income from being a Life Changer, you can definitely see that you would be doing a lot of work to achieve the maximum amount of commissions.


Commissions Rate is Reasonable

As a Life Changer you are given 50% commissions on all TLC products. Some products may not earn you that much money, but most products are pretty high in price. This can lead to pretty hefty commissions.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the Core Values of this company is keeping yourself healthy and helping others to do the same. This is definitely a program you can feel good about being a part of.

Having Your Own Personal Store

When signing up you are given your own personal site with the best premium TLC products. As a Life Changer you use this site to refer your customer leads.


Earning Commissions Can Be Hard

Getting leads to your website may be hard for beginners. It would take a lot of training and skill to start turning those leads into sales.

Recruiting Other Life Changers is also a Task

While the benefit of adding others to your team can earn you more commissions, this also is a tough process. Finding the right potential prospects to become Life Changers is another skill to master.

Very Slim Chance of Creating a Stable Income

This system can be better used as a side hustle for some extra cash. As for making it a primary income source, the opportunity is a very small window. You would need a lot of skill to achieve this.

You Will Have to Pay for Promotional Materials

As a Life Changer you have to keep in mind that the promotional materials you use will have to come out of your pocket.

Total Life Changes MLM Review -Is it a Scam?

In my view TLC MLM is not a scam. CEO Jack Fallon, has stated that he wants this program to help people become healthy while earning them money. I believe this a great code that they live by in this company. Being a part of something that helps people live their lives in a healthy fit way, can be a very rewarding feeling.

On the flip side the money you earn is only enough to utilize as a side income. This could be fine for some, but if you're looking for something to replace your 9-5 job then this is not it. You also have to remember that promotional materials like free samples and other products; will be things that you have to personally pay for.

Total Life Changes MLM Review

That in itself is the problem with a lot of MLMs. The time and money you put into a program, running around trying to make some sales, when in the end the result will usually be $0 in commissions.

Total Life Changes MLM Review – Final Thought

While I believe that Total Life Changes is a good company to get involved with, I don't really see it as being a good source of income. As I stated before, It can be used as a side hustle, but getting this to be a constant paycheck would be a lot of work. This could be more of a headache than a reward for helping others stay fit.

If you are really into the health and fitness niche I would say that you join this program as a preferred member. This way you could still benefit by earning product points. This can help you in purchasing your favorite premium supplements, and other products that TLC offers.

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