Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?

Tupperware has been a household name for over 70 years. Their products have become a staple in our kitchens since the company's storied beginnings. Since then, Tupperware has changed how they sell its products by garnering an MLM business model. This business model has become popular with homebodies across the world. But can it make you an income that is steady in these economic times? In this Tupperware MLM review, I'll go over everything you need to know.

A Quick History of Tupperware

Tupperware was founded in 1938 by Earl Silas Tupper. Before this, he was an employee of DuPont when he stumbled on the idea of plastic containers. Using discarded plastic waste from DuPont products Earl devised a way to change this material into usable kitchen containers. Hence Tupperware products were born.

Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?

These plastic containers were a big hard sale at first. It took a while for the public to catch on and it wasn't until 1948 that Tupperware finally hit department stores. Since then, Tupperware has become a powerhouse company in the kitchen supplies niche.

About 2 years later Tupperware changed how it sold its product. It came to Earl's attention that many housewives were selling Tupperware at home through social parties.

At that point, their product was pulled from stores and sold in this new innovative fashion.

What is the Tupperware MLM Opportunity?

Tupperware follows the same formula as most other MLM Companies. They allow people to join the company as distributors. They are then given the ability to sell Tupperware products through home parties or online.

If you do well at these selling endeavors, you may then recruit others to your team. Any profit or bonuses earned by your team can get you commissions. So, it's a pretty straightforward and typical MLM process.

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What is the Process of Joining the Tupperware MLM Opportunity?

Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?

To join the Tupperware MLM, you must go through 1 of it's distributors. This usually happens by attending a party or knowing someone who is already a distributor.

You may also join online, where you will be referred to a distributor in your area. So, basically to get in on the fun, you gotta know somebody who knows somebody.

How Much Does it Cost to Join the Tupperware MLM Opportunity?

Once you are signed on under a distributor, you are then required to purchase a starter kit. There are 2 options for the starter kits.

Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?

There is the Basic Business Kit ($60), and the Business Kit ($139). Each of these Starter kits includes product samples, marketing info, and training materials.

The Pricey Products of Tupperware – Tupperware MLM Review

Even though Tupperware is a founding inventor of these iconic plastic products, it's hard to see how they've stayed afloat. The prices of their products are quite eye-opening when you consider similar products on the market.

Take a look at these comparisons below:


Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?


Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?


Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?


Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?

When I look at these price comparisons I really can't see it being easy to make sales for Tupperware. When you have Walmart and Amazon to compete with, it's going to be an uphill battle for a Tupperware Consultant.

There are so many other companies that compete with Tupperware and sell their products for way less. That being said, it doesn't mean there's no money to be made. It just means, you're going to be doing a lot more work to make any sales.

Can You Make Money with the Tupperware MLM?

Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?

As I stated above, the prices for Tupperware products can hinder your chances at profit. Also, you must keep in mind the investments you'll be making to keep things rolling.

Statistically, 75% of MLM distributors lose money due to the high cost of investments in the companies. Things like starter Kits, product samples, and distribution costs can add up.

Another factor is the lack of marketing skills that most people new to MLMs don't have. There are a lot of aspects of network marketing that must be mastered to make any kind of real money.

So, can you make money with the Tupperware MLM? Yes, but it's gonna be a gigantic feat to conquer.

Pros and Cons of Tupperware MLM – Tupperware MLM Review


  • Good Quality Products
  • Household Name Brand


  • Prices are Too Expensive
  • Uphill Battle to Make Sales
  • Similar Products Prices Can Hinder Your Sales

Is Tupperware MLM a Scam? – Tupperware MLM Review

No, Tupperware is not a scam. It is a legit way to earn some side cash. However, as with any MLM, there is a lot of competition out there. People who are well-skilled in Marketing and have been doing network marketing for years.

This business model is truly like a sea of opportunists looking for a bite. The fact is there are a lot of Sharks in the water ready to eat you up. So, when getting into any MLM, I would tread carefully.

Final Thoughts on the Tupperware MLM Review

Tupperware MLM Review: Is This Iconic Product Profitable?

The Tupperware MLM opportunity is probably best suited for those who have experience in direct selling. This MLM is not suited for beginners who are just getting their feet wet in online business.

Tupperware is a good company. I'm not knocking them. It is just hard for me to recommend getting into something that is financially not going to work.

If you're thinking of getting into any kind of MLM I would recommend you do your research first. Know your skill set, and keep tabs on what you're willing to invest.

Because online business can be a pretty turbulent environment and it's best to get guidance before diving in.

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