What is the Market America MLM All About?

What is the Market America MLM all about? What distinguishes it from other companies in this industry? Is it a scam or is it legitimate? In this detailed review, we will answer these questions and more.

Unlike some of the other sketchy MLM companies out there, Market America does have some redeeming qualities. However, there are still some aspects of this company that leave much to be desired. Keep reading for an in-depth analysis of what Market America is all about!

What is the Market America MLM?

What is the Market America MLM All About?

Market America is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger. The company is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, and operates in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Market America specializes in retail sales through its e-commerce website, Marketamerica.com, as well as a catalog and brick-and-mortar stores. The company also offers a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their businesses by becoming “UnFranchise” owners.

How is Market America Different From Other MLM Companies?

The main aspect that differentiates Market America from other MLMs, is the variety of products they offer. Market America does not just have one type of product, they offer a little bit of everything.

What is the Market America MLM All About?

This can be seen as an advantage because it means that there is something for everyone, but it also might be a turn-off for people who are looking for a more focused company.

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What Products Do They Offer? – What is the Market America MLM

Market America offers a variety of products in many different categories. Health and Fitness, Beauty Supplies, Electronics, Home Products, Cleaning Supplies, and Jewelry are just some of the products offered.

What is the Market America MLM All About?
What is the Market America MLM All About?
What is the Market America MLM All About?

In essence, Market America acts more like a marketplace for other brands to sell their products. This gives Market America a wide variety of products to offer. It is also one of the main aspects that attract people to join their MLM.

They do offer their own products as well, which can be purchased on a sister site called Shop.com. This is also another way in which they attract others to join them.

We'll get to that point in a bit.

What is the Market America MLM Opportunity?

The Market America MLM opportunity is based on a simple concept. You can earn a commission by selling products and recruiting other people to do the same. Typical MLM, Right?

What is the Market America MLM All About?

There are many different levels that you can achieve within the company, which will determine how much money you make. In theory, the more people you recruit, and the more products you sell, the more money you will make.

However, there are a few things that set Market America apart from other MLM companies. For starters, you don’t need to carry any inventory. This means that you don’t have to worry about buying products and then trying to sell them.

You also don’t have to worry about shipping products or dealing with customer service. That’s all taken care of by the company.

All you need to do is focus on recruiting people and selling products. Sounds easy enough, right?


Signs of Being a Pyramid Scheme – What is the Market America MLM

What is the Market America MLM All About?

The problem with Market America, and other MLM companies, is that they are based on a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is a system where you make money not by selling products, but by recruiting other people to join the company.

You earn a commission for every person that you recruit, and they in turn earn a commission for every person that they recruit. The problem with this is that eventually the pool of people to recruit dries up, and the pyramid collapses.

This is why MLM companies have such a high turnover rate. People join, they don’t make any money, and then they quit.

Attracting Recruits Through Shop.com

What is the Market America MLM All About?

The first thing that potential recruits should know about Market America is that it isn't your typical MLM company. What separates Market America from other MLMs is that it uses a shopping portal called Shop.com as its primary means of attracting customers and recruits.

In a nutshell, Market America pays its affiliates (referred to as “UnFranchise Owners”) a commission for directing shoppers to Shop.com, where they can purchase products from over three million different retailers. There's no need to stock inventory or deliver products, as Shop.com handles all of that.

While Market America may not be your typical MLM company, it still relies on the same sketchy business model. To make money with Market America, you have to invest a significant amount of money upfront and recruit other people to do the same.

Joining The Market America MLM

What is the Market America MLM All About?

By signing up with Market America, you not only gain access to your own web portal on their shop.com site, but you also get to choose which products you want to promote. These selected items come with a cash-back incentive called Shopping Annuity that encourages customers like yourself to make purchases.

When you become an UnFranchise Owner (UFO), you gain a mentor, experienced business partners, and access to training. All UFOs must participate in the system's training which covers how to use the tools available and run your business smoothly. Certification is granted upon completion of all courses.

After your portal is created, you can begin to promote it by word-of-mouth and through social media channels. Another option is to buy a sales kit of products to sell directly to customers.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Market America?

What is the Market America MLM All About?

There are a few Market America options available to you. You may begin by purchasing a starter kit for $149.95 plus tax, which is the most affordable option.

Your yearly membership will set you back $99.95 per year. This fee is apparently charged to handle the technical aspect of running your site portal.

You may choose to purchase a Fast Start Kit. The Fast Start Kit costs $429.95, plus taxes. There are four distinct kits available: Isotonix (vitamins), Motives (makeup) TLS Weight Loss Solution (supplements), and MA WebCenters (products, documents, and brochures).

The perk to this is, that your annual membership fee is included with the kits.

Is Market America a Scam? – What is the Market America MLM

What is the Market America MLM All About?

No, Market America is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company that has been in business for over 25 years. However, like all MLM companies, it uses a sketchy business model that relies on recruiting new members to make money.

Explanation of Market America's Sketchy Practices

What is the Market America MLM All About?

Despite being a legitimate MLM company, Market America still uses many of the same sketchy practices that other MLM companies use.

For example, they require you to pay a hefty membership fee to join their program. They also require you to purchase their products at inflated prices. And finally, they offer a very low success rate for those who try to make money with their program.

By creating Shop.com, they have created a method to make them seem more like a traditional retailer. However, the fact is that they are just an MLM company that is using Shop.com as a front to sell their products and recruit distributors.

Can You Make Any Money with the Market America MLM?

What is the Market America MLM All About?

Instead of the standard commission-based compensation plan, Market America has a volume-based system called MPCP (Management Performance Compensation Plan). There are three different ways to earn money through this system.

Traditional methods, as with most MLMs, include purchasing a kit containing a specific type of product and selling it to clients through direct selling techniques.

Another option is to go through the conventional recruiting process. You may make $300-$600 each year if you can get two individuals to join your team.

Lastly, persuade customers to sign up for the Shopping Annuity program. When they join this program, purchasers receive cashback on all purchases made through shop.com. In return for customer leads, you will get 100% credit and 30-50% gross retail profit margins.

Market America MLM Pros and Cons – What is the Market America MLM


  • High Commission Rates, on Selected Products
  • Variety of Products


  • High Start-Up Fees
  • Sale Requirements
  • Required Training that You Must Pay a Hefty Fee For

My Final Thoughts on the Market America MLM

What is the Market America MLM All About?

The Market America MLM is not a scam, but it is not a legitimate way to make money either.

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, I suggest finding something else.

There are plenty of other opportunities out there that don't involve high start-up fees and required training courses.

Do your research and find something that is right for you.

A Scam-Free Opportunity to Make Money

What is the Market America MLM All About?

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Thanks for reading!

I hope this detailed review has helped you decide whether or not the Market America MLM is right for you. What are your thoughts? Have you had any experience with this company? Let me know in the comments below!

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