Avon MLM Review – Can Makeup Earn You Money?

Make-up is not something that everyone is obsessed with, but it's a product that many people use. So, is it possible to make some money off of your love for lipstick and eyeshadow? Avon has been a well known company to pursue an income in make-up, mainly because they have already been well established in over 100 countries around the world. This means you can make money while helping others look pretty, but can these make-up product lines really make your bank account look beautiful though? Let’s find out in this Avon MLM Review, as I take you through everything you need to know about this glamorous money making opportunity.

What is the Avon MLM?

Avon MLM Review

Avon is a cosmetics, fragrance, skin care, and personal care company. They're one of the largest makeup companies in the world, and with over 6.7 million distribution reps; they are the second-largest direct selling company.

Avon has actually been around for a very long time. The company was founded in 1892 and one fact that most people don't know is that it was started by a man. David H McConnell, went from selling books door to door to selling perfume fragrances. This is where Avon got its start being named the California perfume company.

It wasn't until 1932 that the name was changed to Avon. The product line was then upgraded from fragrances to cosmetics and other Beauty Supplies making it the makeup company we know today.

Avon MLM – The Product Line

Avon MLM Review

In the world of beauty, there is no such thing as too many options. This has been especially true for Avon who have always offered a diverse product line with new additions coming at an almost breakneck pace– lately they've merged forces and added health products from Natura to their already impressive list!

The merger between these two juggernauts only continues this trend. Not only do you get all your favorite makeup products in one place but also nutritional supplements designed specifically around health and fitness needs.


Avon MLM Review

Hair Care

Avon MLM Review

Oral Care

Avon MLM Review


Avon MLM Review

Men Products

Avon MLM Review

How Does the Avon MLM Work?

Avon MLM Review

Traditionally, Avon would recruit its distributors for door-to-door sales. In some places there were even Avon training centers – but it wasn't until 2005 that the company started using an MLM business model.

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Typically to sign up to be an Avon representative you would usually be referred by an already established distributor. However, you can go on their website and sign up to be an Avon influencer there.

Once signed up you will be encouraged to buy a starter collection. This will run you about $30. Your start up kit will include product samples and brochures for you to share with others. You'll also be given online tools, such as your own online store where you can get potential customers to purchase products directly.

You are initially given a lot of online support starting off. The training you are given is structured to give you a good start in sales, but you are encouraged to learn from a distributor mentor. This is where the nuances of multi level marketing begin.

The Downside to Becoming an Avon Influencer

As good as Avons business opportunity appears, they still follow the same structure as most MLMs. Every 2 weeks Avon puts on sales campaigns. You will be required to purchase your own product kits and samples if you choose to participate in these campaigns. This can be pretty pricey for new recruits starting off.

One thing to note is that to keep your distributor account active, you must regularly place orders during these sale campaigns. Also, just like other MLMs, your mentor will receive commissions from most sales that you make. This can leave your margin for profit very slim.

Avon MLM – Can You Make Money?

So, can you make money with Avon? The quick answer is, Yes. You definitely can make money with Avon, however it will be an uphill battle to do so.

Your commission rate for any sales you make is 25%.Which is actually pretty generous when compared to other MLMs. Also you would get 25% off any purchases that you make.

The problem is that even though Avon provides you with your own online store, most Avon products are available on Amazon. These days most consumers will go directly to Amazon when shopping for anything.

Also, Amazon is usually at the top of the search pages when people search for these products. On top of that, the prices are cheaper than they would be by going through an actual Avon site.

The Endless Headache of Trying to Make Sales

As with most MLMs, you will find it very difficult to actually make sales and earn anything. Like I said before, your referred mentor will be the one making most of the commissions. Which is why recruiting others to join your team would be the only way to earn anything decent.

Here’s where the headache gets worse, as you try to recruit friends and family who really aren’t that interested. You continuously have to not only make sure you are making campaign sales, but also train your recruits to do the same.

This becomes an endless cycle, and most of the time you will end up spending more money on campaign kits than you are actually making.

Pros and Cons


  • Generous Commission Rate
  • Well Known Products
  • Discounts on Personal Purchases


  • Products are Available on Amazon for Cheaper
  • Earning Commissions is an Uphill Battle
  • Must Recruit Reps Under You to Make Anything
  • Purchasing Campaign Kits Every 2 Weeks Can Get Expensive

Avon MLM – My Final Verdict

Avon MLM Review

I personally believe that Avon does mean well for their sales distributors. They do provide their recruits with good training and tools that usually would bring success for network marketers.

Avon MLM Review

Fact is Avon should have stuck with their old ways of in person door to door sales, instead of picking up the MLM tactics. In those days I heard of many people selling for Avon and actually making profit.

Now that they have changed their structure it has made it very hard to make any profit. Unless you are an expert network marketer, you will find the whole process more chaotic than profitable.

Competing with the marketing giant that is Amazon is also a major obstacle. Even with your online store you will still have to work hard at getting any traffic to it. Plus the prices are going to be way cheaper than they would going through your store. This will deter a lot of potential customers.

So, do I recommend joining the Avon MLM opportunity? I’d have to say no on this one.

There is a Much Easier Way

If you are still looking for a way to earn money through cosmetics, there is an easier path. Going with a much easier business model like affiliate marketing.

Through Affiliate Marketing you can earn commissions off of not only Avon, but other products and brands worldwide. Plus there are really no restrictions or rules. You literally are your own boss.

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