Herbalife MLM Review – Is it a Legit Income Opportunity?

With people becoming more health conscious these days, the use of dietary supplements continues to rise. Over 77% of Americans report that they use dietary supplements daily. With that in mind, what would you think if you could actually earn money from this profitable market? Well in this Herbalife MLM Review, I'm going to tell you about a company that has given many the opportunity to do just that. I'll fill you in on what you need to know, and we'll find out if it is a legitimate income earner or a waste of time. Let's get to it.

What Is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a multi-level marketing corporation that develops and sells dietary supplements. Founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, the company got its start selling a soy based protein shake called Formula 1. Since then Herbalife has expanded at a very rapid pace, and operates in 94 countries. This expansion was partly made possible by a rapidly growing number of 94 million distributors worldwide.

In their beginning, Herbalife specialized in products that help their consumers manage weight loss. Now their product line has widely broadened into other health and fitness products. Energy bars, tea, sports drinks, botanical extracts and personal care products are just a few product lines that have they have expanded into.

Almost all products offered by Herbalife are researched, created, and manufactured in their own facilities. Some of these operations are located in China, where they are run as botanical extract facilities. These extracts are thoroughly tested in the production process and are used in all of Herbalife's products.

Herbalife MLM Review – The Products

As I stated above, the focus of Herbalife products is based around Health, Fitness, Beauty , and Personal Care. These products were produced to go with the companies main goal. To change the nutritional habits of the world. While the company has excelled at their goal, there have been some legal bumps in the road.

In 1982 complaints were made to the Food and Drug Administration, for the excessive amounts of mandrake, poke root, and linseed oil. As a result the company was forced to reformulate many of it's products. However, the company bounced back from this setback and continued to grow from the creation of it's health products.

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Below is an overview of the main product categories that Herbalife offers.

The products that Herbalife offers are very high quality. However with these quality brands comes high priced items. Even though most Herbalife products are sold through direct sale, they are often found on Amazon for a cheaper price. So, if you were to try and earn money as a distributor, you may find it to be a hard sell. Most people would definitely choose to get these products at a cheaper price, than buying direct.

How Does The Herbalife MLM Work?

As with many MLMs, to get started selling for Herbalife, you would sign up under a distributor. After going over some training with your sponsor, you then would purchase the starter kit that you want to go with. There are 2 options. The International Business Pack ($94.10), or the International Business Pack Super Starter Kit ($124.10). After this, you are ready to start selling. Your distributor is technically your mentor and any sales that you make will earn them commissions.

As you progress, you then will be encouraged to recruit others into your sales team, this in turn will make you their sponsor. You will make commissions off of any sales that they make.

Herbalife MLM Review – Can You Make Money?

Can you make money from the Herbalife MLM structure? Well technically, Yes you could, but odds are most of your sales would be going to the person that sponsors you. Your distributor. This is typical of most MLMs. The key to actually earning anything is to recruit members that will be in your downline, even then you can't just expect to sit back and wait for them to make sales. You must purchase the products yourself at a discount price, then sell them at the retail price. Usually this is about a 25% commission. This leaves you a very little margin for profit.

Below is a explanation of average Herbalife distributor earnings:

Herbalife MLM Review

As you can see above, the percentage of distributors that earn anywhere near a decent income from this MLM, is very small. Keep in mind that those that did find some success, probably had the financial resources to put into the business before they started.

Pros and Cons


  • Make your own schedule.
  • Fully refundable products, if you decide to cancel your membership.


  • Products are pricey when sold directly. Can be a hard sell, when they are available for cheaper on Amazon.
  • Herbalife has legally been labeled a pyramid scheme.
  • Numerous legal accusations put's the legitimacy of this MLM in question.
  • Very little margin for profit.

Is Herbalife MLM Legit or a Scam?

This is one company that has had it's struggles with being consistently accused of being a pyramid scheme. Is it necessarily a scam though?

I really can't say for sure, but the consistent legal cases against the company do not do well for their reputation. If I was anyone who was seriously looking into being a distributor of this company, the lawsuits alone would push me away. You can read more about the legal accusations here.

My Final Verdict

Well in all, I must say that I really can't recommend this Herbalife MLM. While it may seem like a good a profitable business model from the outside. The truth is that there are just to many warning signs about the company that steer me clear of recommending it to anyone.

I do believe the products are good quality and I would even use them myself. However, my personal advice when it comes to Herbalife, is to just be a customer, because trying to earn an income off of this MLM will just be a headache.

There is a Better Option

The unfortunate thing is that, many people who aspire to create a business online, fall into these shady MLMs. They jump in thinking it's going to be a way to earn a living online. Then after joining they end up more in debt, trying to keep their efforts afloat.

It doesn't have to be that way.

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