Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

Welcome to my Partner and Profit Review. In this review, I will be sharing my honest opinion on this digital product created by Michael Cheney. My goal is to provide you with an overview of both the good and the bad aspects of this product.

Just a fair warning. When I write reviews, I can be pretty blunt about whether a product is worth it or not. I don't hold back. So if you're looking for a sugar-coated review, this is not it.

Ok. So let's dive in.

What is Partner and Profit?

Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

Partner and Profit is an internet marketing course and partnership opportunity access on the Warrior Plus platform. Its goal is to teach you how to earn an income and possibly scale up an online business.

On top of the course, you are offered the opportunity to partner with the creator Michael Cheney. The claim is, that by partnering with Michael you will get to profit off of a 7-figure online business.

On the sales page, it is stated that regardless of your skill level you can make some major profit. Apparently, all the work is done by Michael and his team. All you have to do is send traffic to his offers.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, Right? But let's take a closer look at what this product really has to offer.

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Who is Michael Cheney? -Partner and Profit Review

Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

Michael Cheney is an experienced online marketer who has had much success in the digital marketing world.

He has created such digital products as the “The Secret Money System” and “7 Figure Affiliate System”.

He has a large following and has been a major name in the digital marketing world for a while now.

However, this does not necessarily mean that every product he creates is a winner.

How Much is Partner and Profit?

Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

Well, let's break it down.

The main course, Partner & Profit, will cost you a mere $9.95. This really isn't a bad deal considering what you get with the training.

“But wait,” I hear you ask, “is that it?” Unfortunately, no. You see, that's just the front-end offer.

Typical Upsells

Like many products sold on the Warrior Plus marketplace, you are presented with upsells during the signup process.

Here is a quick list of them:

  • Behind the Scenes of a $400K 4-Week Campaign ($17.95) – A Step By Step Case Study on the Campaigns You Will Be Using.
  • Premium Partner Pack ($197) – Tools Training and Resources that Will Help You Automate Your Business.
  • 10X Profit Partners ($97) – Added Training and Bonuses for Your Campaigns.
  • Scalable Traffic Secrets ($97) – More Added Bonuses with other Products Created by Michael.
  • Millionaire's Apprentice ($1,997) – Access to 1 on 1 Personal Coaching with Michael.

Do you need all of them to use Partner & Profit? Absolutely not. But they're meant to be like the shiny bells and whistles on a new bike.

They are offered with the idea that they will help you make big amounts of money with your campaigns. The reality is they are really just trying to make an extra buck off of you.

Not saying they couldn't help but these upsells aren't offering anything incredibly groundbreaking.

What Do You Get When You Join?

Upon signing up for Partner and Profit, you will receive access to a series of training videos and resources. These tools are designed to teach you how to make money online.

Here is what you get once you sign up:

  •  Partner & Profit Course

  • Partner & Profit Playbook

  • Plug & Play Campaign Promotions

  • SOP Simplification System

  • Easy Payment Processing

  • High-Performance Habits

  • Customer Service System

  • Access to the Partner & Profit Facebook Group

Overall, the content is well laid out and easy to understand, even for beginners. However, some of the information may be considered outdated. Keep in mind, that digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving.

Partnering with Michael Cheney – Partner and Profit Review

As mentioned earlier, partnering with Michael Cheney is also an option when joining Partner and Profit. However, this partnership requires some investment and can be seriously costly.

Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

Right off the bat, you are going to be paying for traffic to products created by Michael. This will not just be a one-time thing and will need to be consistent to make any money.

If you are shooting for high commissions, you will be persuaded to join the Millionaire Apprentice program. This will cost you upwards of $2,000. Now, that is pricey but you would be learning and partnering with a 7 figure business owner. So, odds are you will see some good results.

However, it's important to remember that there are no guarantees of success even with a partnership. The partnership opportunity with Michael Cheney works on a simple principle. You invest money, and in return, you get to leverage Michael's marketing strategies and sales funnels.

The Partnership Overview – Partner and Profit Review

After paying for the partnership, you become an affiliate of Michael Cheney. You will be promoting his products and earning commissions from the sales generated through your referral links.

Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

You are provided with all the promotional materials, including emails, banners, and social media posts. These materials have been tested and proven to convert. This is a bonus since creating such materials can be daunting for beginners.

You drive traffic to these offers using the strategies taught in the course. The target is to get as many people as possible to click on your links and make a purchase.

For each sale that comes through your link, you receive a commission. The commission rate isn't explicitly stated, but typical rates in affiliate marketing range from 10% to 50%.

While this model can be profitable, it's also highly dependent on your ability to garner high-quality traffic. If you're not experienced in this aspect, you may find it challenging to make a return on your investment.

Who is Partner and Profit For?

Partner and Profit is marketed towards anyone looking to make money online, regardless of their skill level or background.

However, it may be more beneficial for those who already have some experience in digital marketing. Seasoned Entrepreneurs looking for new strategies to generate income.

Is Partner and Profit Worth It? – Partner and Profit Review

In my opinion, the main course itself is worth the $9.95. The training is valuable and can provide some new insights for those looking to make money online.

As for the partnership opportunity, it may not be worth the high-cost investment. While it does offer a potentially profitable model, there are no guarantees of success.

Pros and Cons – Partner and Profit Review


  • An affordable initial investment of $9.95 for the main course
  • Valuable training and resources provided
  • Partnership opportunity with Michael Cheney could potentially lead to high profits


  • Additional upsells may be overwhelming or unnecessary for some individuals
  • Outdated information may not provide the best strategies for success in today's digital marketing world
  • No guaranteed
  • High Cost for Partnership

Can You Make Money with Partner and Profit?

Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

While it is possible to make money with Partner and Profit, it ultimately depends on your level of skill in driving traffic to offers. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires effort and persistence to see results.

This doesn't mean that you won't be taught the right traffic skills. The thing is that it can take years to master traffic-generating skills. So, promising that anyone can make 7-figures with Partner and Profit just isn't realistic.

Is Partner and Profit a Scam? – Partner and Profit Review

No, Partner and Profit is not a scam. It provides valuable training and resources for individuals looking to make money online.

The course is structured with the right intent. However, it may not be the best option for everyone due to its upsells and pricey partnership opportunity.

My Verdict – Partner and Profit Review

Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

While the course holds high value in what it teaches, the partnership opportunity may not be worth the investment. It's important to carefully consider your own skill level and goals. Analyze what this product offers before deciding if Partner and Profit is the right fit for you.

There are many products like this out there, that follow the same old model of promoting products for a commission. Partner and Profit is no exception.

That being said, if you have the drive and determination to succeed, then it may be worth giving Partner and Profit a try.

However, it's important to keep in mind that there are better opportunities out there.

A Better Path to Success

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Partner and Profit Review: 7 Figure Business or Scam?

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