The OLSP System Review Update – It Got Even Better

So, you're looking for a way to earn an income online? Well if you haven't heard of the OLSP System yet then you just got really lucky. This already popular affiliate commission training platform has helped countless students make huge commissions.

Now, with a new and improved system in place, they have added new features, tools, and methods to help it's members make commissions they could only dream of. Allowing them to exceed expectations and crush their money making goals.

As of it's recent relaunch, newcomers joining this community have utilized the system to make up to 4 figure commissions in short amounts of time. All of this is done by teaching such topics ranging from affiliate marketing to email list building.

Add in the perk of earning huge commissions while learning the system and you have some seriously happy members.

So, how does this all work? In this updated review I go over the (One Lead System Pixel) OLSP System to answer just that. Let's get started.

What is the OLSP System?

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

The OLSP System is an online affiliate commission learning platform that provides free training on affiliate marketing and email marketing.

It was created by Wayne Crowe, who has over 20 years of experience in internet marketing. He has helped thousands of people make money online and has earned himself the name “The Traffic Dominator”.

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Who is Wayne Crowe?

Wayne Crowe is the founder of Traffic Dominators. With his years of experience Wayne has truly honed and mastered the skills of online marketing. He perfected his craft focusing mainly on email marketing.

The OLSP Academy Review - It Just Got Better

Over years of testing and optimizing his methods, Wayne has formulated a truly amazing system. Using these skills he has created a fortune for himself. Now, he wants to help others do the same.

Wayne has a strong passion for helping others reach success, and it's not just to make him money. He truly wants to see his members succeed, and believes in sharing methods that will catapult his students to reach their goals.

How Does OLSP System Work?

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

OLSP System works by giving it's member the training and tools to start making big time commissions right away. The training consists of videos, webinars, and other resources that teaches all you need to know about earning income online.

Now, the big perk of the OLSP System is the creation of the Mega Link. This link is the focus point of the system and is used to link each member to other products that they can promote to garner major commissions. (One Link to Rule Them All).

Through the promotion of the mega link, members can bring leads into the system and can earn recurring commissions daily. This is done by implementing email marketing and free traffic sources.

Signing Up to the OLSP System

Signing up is easy. Usually, you are taken to a sign up page where you enter your name and email.

From there, you are taken to a video of the man himself, Wayne Crowe. He will explain to you how to get started right away in the system.

He will go through every step so that you will completely understand OLSP and can start making money right away.

How Much Does it Cost to Join the OLSP System?

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

The OLSP System is completely free to join the community. However, in order to use the system and see results, you will need to purchase access to the Mega Link.

Which is only $7. Less than a value meal at Mcdonalds.

You have to remember that this one link will give you access to multiple commissions. So, in that factor $7 is really not that bad of an investment.

There are products within the OLSP system training that you can purchase to help you in making more commissions. It isn't necessary, but you will see some big time commissions from using them.

So, essentially they do pay for themselves.

What Does the Training in the OLSP System Consist Of?

There are many types of training you can access within the OLSP System. Many of the teachings are integrated into the process of learning to use your mega link.

Topics that are taught within OLSP are below:

  • Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • Building Your Email List
  • Creating High-Converting Landing Pages
  • Driving Traffic to Your Offers
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Earning Commissions
  • Commission Growth Hacks

On top of these lessons, there are also frequent live training sessions that are taught by Wayne and his team. These consist of the newest methods and strategies to help you take your affiliate endeavors to the next level.

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

They are announced within the Facebook group. So, it is a good idea to keep active within the OLSP Facebook Community.

This allows you to learn and garner support from other members.

Inside the OLSP System Commission Earning Methods

The OLSP System is a true money maker for its members. There are many ways within the platform to earn commissions.

Below is an overview of the many new features that you can access in the OLSP System:

The Mega Link

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

As I stated earlier, the OLSP System is focused on one major feature on the platform. The Mega Link.

After signing up you are automatically given training on the mega link and how to access it.

Through this link you will be connected to all promotions in the system for which you can promote.

With hundreds of products that are shared by Wayne and his team, this gives you the means to make commissions off of multiple income streams daily.

List Building and the Magic Link

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

No one knows how to create a profitable email list better than Wayne Crowe. In the OLSP List Building Training, Wayne takes you through a huge strategic opportunity to grow your list.

What makes this method better is that you will be earning commissions through what he dubs the Magic Link.

This link is one of the guaranteed ways to make commissions in the OLSP System. It also works hand in hand with your chosen autoresponder while adding your leads your email list.

TD Pages

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

One thing any online entrepreneur must have is an Opt-In and Landing Page Builder. TD pages is the official page builder for the Traffic Dominators members.

Unfortunately, it is not a free tool to use. It is a monthly fee of $49. However, you are given a free trial so you can try it out. You will definitely see that it more than pays for it's self through the commissions you make.

Also, the price is actually a really good deal when you compare it to other page builder tools on the market. ClickFunnels charges over $100/month for the same service so TD Pages is well worth the investment.

Growth Hacks within TD Pages

The OLSP Academy Review - It Just Got Better

Wayne never ceases to amaze, with the amount of methods he teaches. Growth Hacks are little golden nuggets of his knowledge. These add-ons to your campaigns are ways for you to rapidly grow your list and make more commissions.

Each one has it's own way to accomplish this and from my own experience they really do work. So, I highly recommend utilizing them.

Comment Dominator Pro

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

This little gem inside OLSP is one of the guaranteed ways to make commissions daily. It is also an excellent way to help in getting traffic within social media.

Inside Comment Dominator you are able to earn commissions by commenting on post submitted by other members on their social media. While the commissions are around 30 cents, they still add up and you can make quite a bit daily by doing this.

On the other hand you can also submit social media posts and have other members comment on them. This can help get eyes on your offers and posts. In essence, helping your social media posts go viral.

Think of it as a I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

The Mega Builder

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

The OLSP System is already an amazing way to earn money online, but with the Mega Builder you can streamline your commissions. It is dubbed The Ultimate Commission Generation Platform, and for good reason.

Mega Builder is for those members who truly want to make OLSP into a Super Affiliate ATM machine with the power of automation.

There are loads of features packed into this product to allow you to do just that.

Features in The Mega Builder Include:

Your Own CRM
Capture leads in your system
Move leads across your commission pipeline
Track leads and follow up

Your Own Appointment Calendar
Set up appointments with high ticket buyers
Keep track of your daily appointments
Centralize your scheduling to one system

Funnel Builder
Build beautiful affiliate funnels
Create squeeze pages in minutes
Roll out thank you pages fast

Automate your affiliate business
Let software do manual tasks for you
The heavy lifting is done for you

Your Own Website Builder
Publish complete affiliate sites
Produce affiliate review sites
Make your website ideas come alive

Call Tracking
Identify high-quality leads
Get hands-free lead scoring
Collect data about calls

An Email Autoresponder
Email your leads
Load up email flows
Reach your leads any time

Reputation Management System
Keep your reputation sparkling clean
Clean up reputation problems
Guard against “reputation hit jobs”

2-Way SMS
Build an SMS list
Broadcast SMS messages
Make commissions by phone

Tracking and Analytics
Every pro has tracking–now you do too
Visibly see what is happening with leads
Track traffic, leads, and commissions

Facebook 101

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

One of the main training sessions you get access to after accessing the Mega Link is Facebook 101.

In this training Wayne shares all his secrets and shows you how to use Facebook to garner warm organic leads daily.

No need for paid ads or spammy posts. Just marketing strategy secrets that actually work.

Combining this training with your Mega Link to garner major commissions with the OLSP system daily.

Vertical Video

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

Among the tools you can access within OLSP is Vertical Video. This tool is actually a bonus that is given when members upgrade to Mega Builders, and is already making waves in the community.

With the rise of social medias such as tick tock, comes major marketing opportunities. Vertical Video capitalizes on this trend.

The tool gives users the ability to create amazing videos for these platforms that can get you warm leads daily.

Mega Messenger

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

Mega Messenger is truly one of the most innovative tools that can be used with OLSP. In essence, this tool allows you to engage with possible leads on Facebook without actually making any contact at all.

It does this by messaging members of Facebook groups you target and doing all the sales work for you through messenger.

Not only will it interact with others in groups, but it will also act as your personal message autoresponder.

This tool can basically start making you sales on autopilot through Facebook messenger.

OLSP VIP – Elite – Elite Plus

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

For members who want to fast-track their success with the OLSP system, there's the option of getting 1-on-1 training with Wayne and his team.

In an introductory video Wayne explains that he wants to help a select group of members reach the levels of making high ticket commissions like clock-work.

To do this Wayne will put together a blueprint that is tailored for each member that opts-in to this opportunity. By guiding his students he will help them reach their first $20,000, $50,000, and $100,000 commission goals.

In my opinion, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and is something for any member to consider.

Access to Wayne's Solo Ad Traffic

One thing that put Wayne Crow on the map was his Solo Ad Traffic. With over 2 decades of experience in traffic generation, he has amassed a extremely profitable leads list.

By joining the OLSP System you are given the opportunity to tap into this traffic, by purchasing his Solo Ads.

Who is the OLSP System For?

The OLSP System is for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

More importantly, this system is made for those who are struggling to make commissions online and want to finally see results.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer, there's something for everyone in this System.

Can You Make Money with System?

The OLSP Academy Review - It Just Got Better

Yes, you definitely can make money with the OLSP System. This is one product where I can say you are guaranteed to make commissions. All you need to do is follow Wayne's instructions and implement the strategies he teaches you.

I have been using the OLSP System for a couple years now, and here is proof that it works:

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better
This is How Much Ive Earned with the System Since I Joined

As you can see, the commissions you earn are legit. However, you gotta take action and follow Wayne's training.

The strategies provided by this platform teaches you some of the exact techniques used to earn commissions online. It can definitely help you get rolling on your own online affiliate business.

Pros and Cons of OLSP System


  • Mind Blowing Insights: The fact that this platform provides insights into how super affiliates earn on auto-pilot is priceless.
  • Experienced Founder: Wayne Crowe has over 20 years of experience in internet marketing.
  • Supportive Community: The Facebook group associated with this platform provides support and encouragement from like-minded individuals.
  • Guaranteed Commissions: If you follow Wayne's strategies and methods, you will consistently make commissions.


  • Is Not a Get Rich Quick Magic Button System: This is not really a con, but this system is not a get rich overnight thing. You gotta take action and do the work.

Is the OLSP System a Scam?

No, the OLSP System is not a scam. It's a legitimate platform that provides its members with a strategy that can earn them commissions regularly. There are no hidden fees and no obligations to buy any of the products offered.

The only thing you will need to see results with the system is the Mega Link. By sharing and promoting with your mega link, you can see results very quickly.

The only other product that you may need, to make things easier, is TD Pages. This is for the Creation of Email Subscriber and Landing Pages.

Again it is not absolutely necessary, but it definitely pays for it's self through commissions.

My Verdict on OLSP System

The OLSP System Review Update - It Got Even Better

Overall, I highly recommend the OLSP System for anyone looking to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

The innovative creation of the Mega Link, gives members the ability to consistently make commissions all while learning the strategies of super affiliates.

There aren't a whole lot of affiliate training platforms out there I endorse. However, the OLSP System has truly blown me away and proves to me that it is the future of affiliate marketing.

So sign up today and start your journey towards financial freedom.

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  1. Watch affiliated market offer through Joshua Zamora as a recording and was blown away. Had I been live, I would have grabbed one of the 10 spots! How might I as an entrepreneurship instructor, author and former serial entrepreneur influencer take advantage of your “Mega Link” system? Here are my references for background:
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    • Hello Clint.

      Thanks for Reaching Out about the Mega Link in the OLSP System. You Have Quite the Resume and I Personally Can See You Benefiting By Using the OLSP System Mega Link.
      When You Join the OLSP Academy You are Given a Mega Link that is made for you. By Using the Link and Incorporating it into Your Business Platforms You are Able to Not Only Earn Commissions within the OLSP Academy but You Will Also Be Building a List of Potential Leads into Your Business.
      I Would Recommend Going Through the Training with Wayne Crowe inside the OLSP Academy Where You Can Learn More Ways to Utilize Your Mega Link.

      Let Me Know if You Have Any Questions

  2. Hi! When you say there is no personalized coaching, does this mean Wayne does not answer questions by email?

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    • Hi Marty, and Thanks for Reaching Out. You Have Some Very Good Questions. So, Let Me Try to Explain the Best I Can. When I Say No Personalized Coaching, I Mean There is Not Coaching Available as Far as Having a 1 on 1 Coach. Wayne Teaches Lessons Through the Course and His Live Streaming Sessions Which are Very Common. I Do Believe He Has a Membership Upgrade Where You Can Get at Least 2 Calls a Month From Him and He Can Answer Questions on Any Topic You Choose.

      You Can Ask Questions Through Email with Wayne. However, You are More Likely to Get Answers From His Expert Team.
      As for Facebook, No You Don’t Necessarily Need Facebook to Contact Wayne. But I Would Encourage You to Create an Account with Facebook, Just So You Can Be in the OLSP Group. This is Where Wayne Makes Announcements on Training and Other Important Improvements to the System.

      Also, on the Members Dashboard in OLSP, there is a option to send messages. If You Sign Up for OLSP, You Can Send Messages to Other Members on Your Team Within the Group. Technically if You Join on the Link in My Review, I Would Then Be Your Mentor, and Would Act as a Coach for You if You Needed Any Help with the Training.

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