Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

SiteSell is a company that has been around since 1997. They are the creators of Solo Build It! which is a platform that helps people create profitable websites. In this review, I want to start by explaining to you what Solo Build It is, and what exactly SiteSell claims you will gain by joining this program.

Before we jump in I want to let you know that I have personally had experience with SiteSell, so I can truly give you a first-hand impression of what to expect from this product. That being said, Let's Get to It!

What is SiteSell?

SiteSell is a platform that helps people create websites. It was created in 1997 by, successful business entrepreneur, Ken Evoy.

SiteSell is unique in the sense that it helps people with zero experience in website creation, to create a professional website.

What is Solo Build It by SiteSell?

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

Solo Build It is a website builder created by SiteSell. It is an all-in-one platform that helps you bring your business ideas to life by giving you the tools to build a profitable monetized website.

This platform is SiteSell's answer to those who want to create a website but don't know where to start. It is a builder that is quite easy to use for beginners but as far as showing a solid direction to monetize your finished site; it leaves much to be desired.

What Do They Claim to Do for You?

SiteSell claims that Solo Build It will help you build a successful online business by providing you with everything you need to create a professional website, get traffic to your website, and make money from your website.

Follow My Proven 4 Step Formula

Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, this 4 step formula is made for you!

They also claim that their platform is easy to use, even for people with zero experience in website creation. While this is true to a certain extent, I would not recommend Solo Build It to someone who has zero experience in website creation. The reason being is that there are a lot of technical aspects to building a website that you will need to learn if you want to be successful.

SiteSell does provide you with some helpful training videos on how to use their platform, but in my opinion, they are not nearly enough to get you from zero to hero.

Who is the Creator of SiteSell and Solo Build It?

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

Ken Evoy is the creator of SiteSell and Solo Build It. He is a successful business entrepreneur who has been helping people make money online since 1997.

Evoy was actually a well-known physician before he started SiteSell. He has written multiple books on entrepreneurship, website creation, and online marketing.

Evoy is a man of many talents and he is someone who I have a lot of respect for. That being said, I do believe he pours a lot of his knowledge into his teachings. He gives a lot of valuable lessons within the SiteSell platform.

However, as much as I respect him, I find that the Solo Build It platform really misses the mark for beginner students.

What You Get by Joining Solo Build It

By joining Solo Build It, you will gain access to the following things:

  • SiteSell's all-in-one platform that helps you build a professional website
  • Training videos on how to use their platform
  • Customer support team
  • Tools and Resources that Help You Grow

The Solo Build It Training

The Core teachings of Solo Build It revolve around their success formula, C.T.P.M. Which Stands for:

C- Content, T- Traffic, P- Presell, M- Monetize

The training called the Action Guide, consists of written, video, and audio tutorials; broken down into a 10-day module structure. Here is the overview below:

ModuleLessonDescriptionMy Review
IntroThe 10-Day Big PictureExplanation of Your 10 Day Training and CTPMThe Explanation of CTPM Can Be Confusing to a Beginner
Day 1Master the All-Important BasicsTraining on Building the Foundation of Your BusinessLays a Good Foundation on Website Building
Day 2Develop Your Best Site ConceptTutorial on Choosing the Direction of Your BusinessGives a Basic Lesson on Defining Your Business Model
Day 3Brainstorm Profitable TopicsTraining on Niche SelectionThis Niche Selection Training Makes it More Complicated than it Actually is
Day 4Investigate and Plan Monetization OptionsLessons and Tutorials on Setting Your Site Up to Make MoneyA Lot of Important Topics Relating to Monetization are Left Out
Day 5Refine Site Concept and Register Domain NameThis Training Goes Over Finalizing Your WebsiteSad to Say. This is Where You are Lead to Buy Upsells Through Them
Day 6Build a Site that Gets the ClickTraining on Designing Your WebsiteGood Tips on Creating a Site That Visually Attracts Visitors
Day 7Build Free Traffic From a Variety of SourcesLessons on Garnering TrafficYou are Given Suggestions on Traffic Sources But Most are Common Knowledge
Day 8Develop RelationshipsExplanation on Building Trust with Your Target AudienceSome Really Good Points are Made on Building a Relationship with Your Customers
Day 9Know your VisitorsContinuation Lesson on Growing Your AudienceI am Actually Glad that They Thoroughly Go Over This Topic
Day 10MonetizeTutorial on Implementing Your Monetizing Plan for Your SiteMany Lessons on This Topic Fall Short of Explaining in Detail How it Works

Tools and Resources Within SiteSell and Solo Build It

There are quite a lot of tools that you have access to in this product. Here is a quick rundown below explanation below.

  • BrainStorm It – Keyword Research Tool
  • Site Builder – SBI site building tool.
  • Socialize It – Adds social sharing buttons.
  • Face It – Adds a Facebook-like button.
  • Mobilize It – Mobil Friendliness tool.
  • Content 2.0 – User-submitted posts.

How Much Will it Cost?

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

The cost of SiteSell is $299 per year. This price includes a free domain name, hosting, and access to all of the SiteSell tools and resources.

In my opinion, this is a bit on the expensive side; especially when you compare it to other platforms that offer similar services for a fraction of the price

Pros and Cons of Solo Build It


  • SiteSell offers a lot of valuable tools and resources
  • The Site Builder is easy to use


  • The platform is a bit on the expensive side.
  • I find the Solo Build It training to be overwhelming and confusing for beginner students
  • A lot of crucial points about Online business are left out
  • Similar sites give you way more for a fraction of SiteSell's cost. Some are even Free

My Experience with SiteSell

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

I was a member for over 2 years, and I have to say that I was not impressed. The couple of sites that I did create using the Action Guide got me nowhere. Once these sites were created, I got little direction on what to do next.

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

I found the platform to be very confusing and difficult to use; even for someone who had some experience. So I could imagine the headache it would be for someone who was just starting.

The training was also a bit rushed and there were a lot of crucial points about online marketing that were left out.

As for the SBI site builder, I actually did like its ease of use, but it was nothing that I hadn't seen before. Nothing innovative or unique. There are actually free site builders out there that do the same thing, so in that factor, it isn't worth the price.

In my opinion, there are much better platforms out there that offer more value for a fraction of the price. Solo Build It is just not worth it in my book.

There is a Way Better Option

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

I believe that SiteRubix is a much better option. SiteRubix is the platform that Wealthy Affiliate uses. It is also completely free to join.

The big perk is that, while SiteSell misses the mark by claiming to be an all-in-one platform, Wealthy Affiliate actually delivers. They really do give you everything you need to create a profitable online business.

WA doesn't just give you a site builder to create a website, they give you training and resources for every aspect of online business.

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

You get access to:

  • Top-notch training
  • 24/Seven support
  • live weekly training classes
  • A state-of-the-art site builder
  • An Innovative Keyword Research Tool
  • A Free Website and Hosting
  • Available Coaching
  • A Whole Community of Supportive Successful Entrepreneurs

I believe that SiteRubix offers everything that Solo Build It does and more; for a fraction of the price. Not to mention the fact that it is free to join.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Solo Build It

When I think about what's most important in this business, there is one thing that always comes to mind. Customer service!

With WA it just doesn't stop at their amazing training and support; they also provide free tools for marketers who are getting started or looking into scaling up in a budget-friendly way.

In addition, all these great benefits come alongside some pretty sweet deals too–you get more value out of your membership by signing up now than ever before.

For starters, you can get started with Wealthy Affiliate completely FREE. That's right, no credit card is required and no time limit on how long you can stay a free member.

It's a No Brainer

Solo Build It Review: What You Need to Know

Wealthy Affiliate has truly been a game changer for a lot of online entrepreneurs. Including myself. I definitely have derived way more success form WA than any training I have ever taken.

The support and tools are there. They show you the exact way to use the keys on your keyboard to unlock to the door to financial freedom.

So, I highly recommend you take that first Step with WA. You won't regret it.

You Can Start a Free Membership with Wealthy Affiliate Today

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section.

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