Write App Reviews – Is it Worth Your Time?

If you've been looking to earn an income online then I'm sure you've come across platforms promising to pay you for performing simple tasks online. Opportunities can range from article proofreading to social media commenting. Lately there's been a trending interest in earning money from creators who just want you to write app reviews.

So, is the hype true? Can you really make an income by just writing reviews about mobile apps? Today, I'm going to be talking about WriteAppReviews.com, a service that's been generating a buzz for offering just that.

What is the Write App Reviews Opportunity?

Write App Reviews - Is It Worth Your Time?

So, what is WriteAppReviews.com, really? It's a membership based platform that claims to connect people interested in reviewing apps with software developers looking for feedback.

The idea is that it acts as a marketplace hub where entrepreneurs can choose offers from app creators. Which gives them the flexibility of working from home and writing reviews on the projects they choose.

Essentially, it's where your opinions on apps could potentially turn into cash.

Who Created the Write App Reviews Platform?

Now who's behind this idea? The details can get a bit hazy, because the creators aren't as forthcoming as we'd expect with other online platforms.

From what I gather, the founders are a group of digital marketers who saw perpetual demand for app feedback. Obviously wanting to bank on this they decided to leverage it by creating WriteAppReviews.com.

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It's also worth noting that they are the same group that has created PaidSocialMediaJobs.com and PaidWritingJobs.com. There is no transparency on either of these sites either, where it pertains to who they actually are.

While their anonymity could raise eyebrows, it doesn't necessarily spell out a scam. It does however warrant a more in-depth look, which I'm here to help you with.

What Service Does Writing App Reviews Offer?

This service taps into a unique niche: the explosive app industry. Think about it, every day, there's a plethora of apps launched into the digital universe, each vying for attention.

Write App Reviews - Is It Worth Your Time?

Developers need to know what's working and what's not, and that's where Write App Reviews steps in. Or so they claim.

Apparently, the service isn't just about writing reviews. it's also about creating a potential stream of income. The platform offers different ways to earn from the app developer offers.

Testing, Referring App Users, and Reviewing these apps give members different ways to earn a buck. Tools, training and resources are apparently provided to accomplish these tasks.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to peel back the layers to see if it delivers on its promises.

How Does Write App Reviews Work?

Getting started with WriteAppReviews.com is rather easy. However it can be a bit of an irritation with the bombardment of upsells they offer. Let's walk through the first steps you're going to encounter if you decide to give it a shot.

The Sign Up Process

Write App Reviews - Is It Worth Your Time?

The sign-up process is fairly straightforward. Typically, you'll enter your basic information and then you will click the join button. You are then taken to the checkout page to pay the one time membership fee.

And yes, like most opportunities like this, you are hit with a slew of upsells after your initial membership fee. These upsells are mostly to get you to go with their VIP membership. This gets you access to more app task opportunities.

Regardless if you accept or decline those offers, you will get asked to join the other sites that I mentioned earlier. PaidSocialMediaJobs.com and PaidWritingJobs.com.

The final Upsell is DFY app Reviews. They really try to sugar you up here.

Inside Write App Reviews

Once you're in, the platform itself is designed to cater to individuals keen on making money by writing app reviews. It is here that you learn how this platform is suppose to work.

Write App Reviews - Is It Worth Your Time?

By becoming a member you gain access to a database of apps that need reviewing. As you continue with the onboarding process you are presented with instructions on how you will make money.

How to Review Apps for Money

Your job? Download, test out the apps, and then write reviews on what you think. It seems simple enough, right?

One thing you must know with paid tasks like this is that it's not always that simple. There's always more to it than you may think.

You're probably asking yourself, ‘What does the actual work involve?' Well, it includes a mix of trying out apps and expressing your honest thoughts. The platform states that the more in-depth and helpful your reviews are, the more beneficial it will be for app developers and users.

However, don't expect just to play games all day and write a couple of sentences. To truly leverage the platform's purported benefits, you may need to put in significant effort and provide detailed feedback.

Manage your expectations when you dive in. While Write App Reviews pitches its ease of use, it's not necessarily an easy path to earning money. What's going to matter most is your ability to assess and articulate your experience with the apps.

How Much Does Write App Reviews Cost?

Write App Reviews - Is It Worth Your Time?

Of course joining Write App Reviews doesn't come free of charge. There's a baseline membership fee to get the ball rolling.

The one time fee for membership is $27, but don't forget about the upsells. Here's a quick overview of the optional charges.

  • Unlimited VIP $97 – Access to the Best Review Offers
  • 12-monrh Unlimited VIP $37 – 12 Month VIP Access
  • Social Media Writing Jobs Upgrade $37 – Access to Social Media Writing Jobs
  • Writing Jobs Upgrade $37 – Access to Their Writing Jobs Database
  • Done For You App Reviews $37 – DFY App Reviews You Can Use

Who is Write App Reviews For?

When you come across a platform like WriteAppReviews.com, your first thought might be, ‘Is this the right fit for me?'

In this section, we're going to pinpoint exactly who stands to benefit from Write App Reviews. Spoiler alert: It's not a one-size-fits-all answer.

Imagine a person who is always trying the latest apps. They love sharing their thoughts, and wouldn't mind earning money for it. That's the poster child for Write App Reviews.

I'm not just talking about tech-savvy millennials. Parents evaluating educational apps, avid gamers, fitness enthusiasts exploring health apps; these are all potential faces of Write App Reviews users.

If this is you, it may be worth your time. Question is, would it be worth it?

Pros and Cons – Write App Reviews


  • App Review Job Database is Convenient
  • May Be Easy Work for Those Already Engaged in Giving Opinions on Apps


  • They are Not Transparent as to Who Created This and Other Platforms Related
  • Tasks Can Be Harder Than You Think
  • Job Database is Not Exclusive to Members and Can Be Accessed By Anyone
  • No Transparency on this Platform in General

Can You Make Money with Write App Reviews?

Write App Reviews - Is It Worth Your Time?

I'm gonna get a little real here. Making money online isn't a walk in the park, and Write App Reviews doesn't escape that reality. Let's look at what's on the table. The platform dangles the carrot of earning cash by writing reviews for mobile apps. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, here's the reality.

The database that Write App Reviews provides you is not exclusive to their members. In fact, you could just type in app review jobs on google and you'd get the same options.

This means that these jobs are open to anyone. Which pretty much means that those with professional experience are going to get the best paid offers.

Now, I'm not saying that you won't make money through this platform. They do give you plenty of options to approach these reviews.

Let's just say, I wouldn't count on this being a main source of income

Is Write App Reviews Legit?

So, is Write App Reviews Legit? In a nutshell, Yes.

Are they transparent with who they are and what they offer? Unfortunately No.

Like I mentioned before, it's not quite clear who the creators are of this platform. Besides the fact that they are obviously connected with 2 other similar membership sites. So, that usually is a red flag in my book.

Also, there is no transparency in the fact that the review databases they offer are open to the public. So, in essence they are asking you to pay for a membership that offers jobs anyone can take.

Sketchy? Just a little.

The Bottom Line on Writing App Reviews

Write App Reviews

In my opinion, when it comes to Write App Reviews, there's as much gray area as there is clarity. It's clear that while there may be potential for some users to find value, the overall proposition comes with questionable pricing fees.

The platform's legitimacy isn't black and white, and your success with it likely hinges on a multitude of factors. Prior experience, dedication, and perhaps, a touch of luck, are all things you may need.

The one thing that I think the platform has going for it is the ease of use with it's database. Sure you could scour the net and find these job offers, but it is kind of nice having them all in one place.

If you're contemplating joining Write App Reviews, I suggest proceeding with cautious optimism. This could be fun for you if you are already into this kind of thing. However, it's still risky as far as finding legit offers that are worth your while.

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Write App Reviews - Is It Worth Your Time?

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