Super Affiliate System Pro Review: Is the Training Legit?

If you have been in the affiliate marketing world for a while, then odds are you have heard of John Crestani. Even it you've just started your path in online entrepreneurship, his name has probably been brought up to you at some point. Over the last 10 years John has had a storied journey. From being at a low level job that he hated, to creating his own company that brings in 500k a month. How did he do this? Well I'll get to that in a second. First I wanted to introduce you to John's creation. An amazing platform that we will go over in this Super Affiliate System Pro Review.

In this review I will be going over exactly what Super Affiliate System Pro is, and what you should expect if you decide the system is for you. This version is actually an upgraded platform, so John has worked to make this system one of the gold standards in affiliate courses.

I am also writing this review as a former student that has gone through the product in its entirety. However, I will be completely unbiased in this review. So we will go in depth about what I liked, and what I didn't like. There is a lot to be said about this system so lets jump right in.

Super Affiliate System Review – John's Story

About 10 years ago John was in a bad slump in his life. Fresh out of college he lost a sense of direction. He was living off a family loan, traveling Thailand and soul-searching. Taking this time to educate himself, in the hopes of pulling himself out of his depression. He read the bible and Hindu scriptures, which did give him some solace, but there was one book that he read that changed everything for him. It was called the 4-Day Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

Change didn't happen right away for John. He eventually returned home and got a job working for a marketing firm. During his time there he did very well, but his work that he had done was not appreciated by his boss. John began to really hate his job and after repeatedly trying to ask for a raise he finally had enough. He just stopped caring, he realized that his hard work meant nothing to them. So he quit. This was the best thing he could ever have done.

Utilizing every bit of the lessons he learned from ” The 4-Day Work Week”, John began to create an affiliate marketing business. It didn't happen instantly, he had of a lot of mistakes and hurdles he had to get past. Then finally he started to see, the fruits of all that he had strove for. The business that he started began to flourish and today his company currently makes over $500,000 monthly.

Now that you know his story, it;s time we opened the book on his creation. The Super Affiliate System Pro.

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Super Affiliate System Pro Review – What is it?

John started the first version of the Super Affiliate System and launched it in 2015. It has gone through 2 upgrades since then and is now know as SAS Pro. So, What is it?

SAS Pro is a video based course that, unlike other affiliate courses, teaches its students how to master paid advertising and sales funnels. A lot of courses will teach you how to create niche sites and rank through SEO, John takes a different route, and models his course on what was the easiest route for him when he was starting. In my opinion this is not always the best way to get started, but it can be the fastest way to find success.

Course Direction

Really it depends on if you have the financial resources to fund your ads and sales funnels. Most people starting off in affiliate marketing, don't have the funds to shell out consistently for paid ads. However, some find this to be the way to go if you scale your business properly.

John does teach you everything you need to know about this process. Giving you tips and strategies that will help you in managing your ad spending. He also teaches you how to set up profitable sales funnels that will get your business going rather quickly.

Super Affiliate System Pro Review – What's inside this Platform?

Super Affiliate System Pro Review

Before I jump into this system I want to let you know beforehand that this product is pretty pricey. $997 pricey to be exact. Don't let the pricing scare you away though, as you are given an option to pay in installments. That is the route I actually took and it worked out fine. As I go over what you will get out of this system, you will actually see why the membership cost is so much.

There are similar systems and courses out there that will charge you thousands of dollars for what they teach, so be assured that John is giving you way more than what you are actually paying. So lets dig in to what SAS PRO offers.

Now, after you purchase and login to SAS PRO, you are taken to the home page. (Shown in the photo above) As you can see there is a video from John, welcoming you to the community. If you have not seen one of Johns videos, you will find him to have a very compelling personality. As he tells you his story and talks about SAS PRO, you will get a very inspirational vibe from him. This will get you really pumped to start off right away on the course.

Super Affiliate Course Pro Review – The Course

The course for SAS PRO consists of 14 video modules in which John teaches you in depth lessons on each subject. As you progress through these lessons, you are given quizzes and homework, so that you fully understand what is taught. Below is a list of the courses and what is taught.

  • Welcome Module – Getting Started in the SAS Course: In this module you are given a tour of the system dashboard. Here the course structure will be outlined for you, so you can have a better understanding of how the lessons will go. You are also tasked to identify the goals for your business and the outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Training Module 1- Affiliate Networks and Finding Your Niche: John introduces you to Clickbank, which is one of the top affiliate network platforms. He will show you how to choose a product that will have high probability of selling well online.
  • Module 2 – The Necessity of a Sales Funnel and Setting Up the Presell Page: Two of the key things in an online business is a sales funnel and web pages. Here John will take you through the steps to creating a profitable sales funnel and he will show you how to set up your web pages.
  • Training Module 3 – Using Solo Ads to Drive Traffic: This lesson shows you how to drive traffic to your presell pages through Solo Ads.

  • Module 4 – Google Ads to Drive Traffic: Google is the most powerful search engine to date, and using it to find your target audience is a must in any online business. In this module John will teach you how to set up a Google ads campaign.
  • Training Module 5 – Using You Tube to Drive Traffic: You Tube can be a very powerful source of traffic in affiliate marketing. In this lesson. John will show you how to set up ads within videos that attract your target audience.
  • Module 6 – Using Social Media to Drive Traffic: Social Media is a juggernaut when it comes to the amount of targeted traffic you can acquire with various platforms. In this module John will take you through the steps to using Facebook ads. John makes millions off of these ads alone. So he knows exactly what works.

Learning the Art of the Sale

  • Training Module 7 – Skill #1: Research for Effective Sales Pages: Now that you know how to drive traffic, your next step is creating compelling sales pages. This training will teach you the right tactics to use when researching your products. John will also show you how to put together the most effective presell pages.
  • Module 8 -Skill #2: Great Copywriting – the Key to Creating Great Ads and Effective Pre-sell Pages: A very important skill to learn is the ability to write presell pages that convince your audience to buy. In this lesson John will teach you how to learn the ability of Copywriting.
  • Training Module 9 – Skill #3: Data Analysis – Using Analytics and Split Testing to Make Sure You Do What Works: In this module, you’ll learn about split testing and using analytical data to tweak your ads and ad campaigns to maximize results.
  • Module 10 – Planning Your Strategy to Make the Super-Affiliate System Work for You: Here you will start to map out a plan towards your business goal. Taking what you've learned so far and writing a formula down that works for you.

Creating Your Business

  • Training Module 11 – Accelerating Your Outcomes: At this point you are becoming more familiar with the ends and outs of affiliate marketing. However, there are ways to help you fast track your business to success. Here you will learn how to supercharge your business.
  • Module 12 – Troubleshooting Lack of Results: In this module, you’ll identify some common barriers to success and how to overcome them.
  • Training Module 13 – Scaling Your Business and Accelerating Your Capital: In this module, you’ll explore strategic and tactical ideas, from increasing ad spend or adding high-commission products to hiring staff or raising capital.
  • Module 14 – Wrap Up and Next Steps: In this final module, you’ll review your journey, consider new possibilities for the future, and determine your own next steps.

Having gone through this course myself I have to say that, John goes pretty in depth on each subject and he does it in a way that even beginners can understand. Going through certain topics such as Copywriting and Data Analysis can be a bit confusing for some, but you are given resources that help you fully understand. Also, it is nice to be assigned tasks, to ensure that you follow the steps.

One of the things I wasn't fully satisfied with was the length of the course itself. It is a lot of subject matter, but to me keeping the modules a bit shorter would have made it easier to follow. In my opinion a lot of people would easily lose interest in finishing the course. However, it is meant to be gone through in weekly increments.

Super Affiliate System Pro Review – Weekly Webinars

Apart from the main course itself, SAS PRO also gives its members' access to weekly webinars that delve into a variety of topics in online business. These video classes are usually hosted by Ilya Gurman, who is the SAS support manager and director of customer satisfaction. Ilya is a seasoned veteran in affiliate marketing and has vast knowledge on any subject that you would take interest in.

There are also sessions that are taught by John himself. Usually about once or twice a month he hosts and delves more into SAS community topics and questions.

Community Forum

Inside the Super Affiliate System is a members' forum. This area has many topics of discussion ranging from technical questions to project idea sharing. In the main portal is a discussion section that is set specifically for the course itself. It is sorted by lesson number and is a good place to look if you have a specific question about the course. A lot of times you will find that members' with the same problems get answers to the queries that you may have.

The Forum is a great place for members' to come together and help each other along the way. Not only that, but you are encouraged to make friends and network with them. This can lay a foundation for future joint ventures.

I really do dig the Community Forum, I met a lot of great people on there, and a lot of them helped me with my own success. When ever I had a question about certain topics, usually there was someone who had the solution. On occasion John would answer and would solve your issue for you.


As I mentioned previously, the SAS Pro, course includes resources for you to utilize while going through the lessons. Below I will give you a brief outline of what is included in the resource section.

Targeting Data

Here you will find helpful data of the right audience demographic to target in your ad groups. You are also given the best keywords to use within your advertising campaigns. Facebook ads, Google ads, and various other options are covered here.

Presell Pages

In the course you are given the task of uploading a premade presell page to your website. (via clickfunnels) If you follow Johns lead you are encouraged to promote the SAS system. However, you can choose your own product from a list of recommendations. In this section you will find DFY presell pages for any product you select. You are also given instructions on how to install them without clickfunnels.

Recommended Vendors

This list includes recommendations for sources that you will need in your business. They include vendors for Email Autoresponders, Web Hosting sites, and platforms to hire freelance work.

Legal Resources

It's the sad truth, but creating ads with Facebook and Google can be a legal headache. Both Platforms are extremely strict when it comes to ad reviews. I personally have had ads rejected hundreds of times. Thankfully John has included legal letters for you to use if you ever need to use them.

Advertising Networks

This is a complete list of recommended Traffic sources to purchase advertising from

Ad Swipes

Just like the Presell Pages, you will find pre made ad swipes for you to use for Email, Facebook, or Google campaigns. These you will want to edit so that you can make them your own.

Super Affiliate System Pro Review – Bonuses

In my opinion one of the best perks of this system is the bonus content that you are given access to. I will go over each bonus below and give you an idea of what they are about.

Vision Board

One of the things that one must have when starting a business for themselves is to have motivation. Something that reminds them that they have goals they are striving for. In this video exercise John explains what a vision board is and teaches you how to create one for yourself. This will give you the consistent motivation to keep you going.

Your Wish is My Command

This bonus is an amazing audio book that John recommends his members' listen to. The book is by Kevin Trudeau and goes over the “Principles of Wealth”. Honestly listening to the wise knowledge that this book details, was one of the most powerful materials I have ever gone through in my life. Even if you don't go through this system, go and get a copy of this book.

Chris Haddad Interview

Chris Haidad is one of the best Copywriters out there today. In this interview he reveals his techniques and methods that he has used to help product creators crush it on Click Bank.

Carlos Cruz Case Study

Some online entrepreneurs overlook the power of Solo ad traffic. In this video case study John interviews one of his most successful students, Carlos Cruz, as he shows you how he has made thousands utilizing Solo ads. Carlos talks in depth about how he took a simple flash light product and scaled his profits beyond expectation all with this underestimated traffic source alone.

17 Step Copywriting Formula

This video is hosted by John as he shares with you his 17 Step Copywriting Formula that has helped in his success over the years.

Think and Grow Rich

Here you are given access to download one of the books that gave John motivation and started him on his journey. Think and Grow Rich is a book by Napoleon Hill, and it is one of the best books you can read that will put you in the right mindset for online business.

Super Affiliate System Pros and Cons


  • Very thorough and in depth training course that gives you a blueprint to follow to online business success.
  • Technical support is top-notch and very responsive. Any issues or questions you may have are answered with descriptive step by step instructions.
  • John Crestani is an amazing teacher. He gives expert guidance and often shares his own experiences on various topics. You will have great assurance that you are learning from one of the best.
  • Members Community Forum is a great place get help and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • The Resources and Bonuses given are very high in value and truly help you reach your goals


  • The Course itself is rather long and some may just lose interest as it gets into the more technical aspects of this business model.
  • You are kind of forced into promoting this High Ticket system.
  • The price is really steep.

My Final Verdict – Is it Worth It?

So, Now that we've gone through the whole platform, I can give you my personal opinion on this high ticket course. Is it Worth the price?

What I Liked

Having gone through every part of this system myself I would have to say, Yes. This platform is packed with highly valuable lessons that can get you started with a profitable affiliate marketing business right out the gate. As I've stated before, John is a great teacher and his motivational vibe gets you ready to learn more with each module. I personally found myself enjoying listening to him explain the experience he has had while starting his business. Going through the hurdles and scaling it to the powerhouse company he runs today.

Technical support is a huge plus with this platform. Any problem that may arise can be easily solved by asking for help. A lot of times the support team will go above and beyond and give you tips and techniques to help you with any future issues you may have.

The Members Community is great and is a great plus to this system. Being able to converse and help each other as a member, really helps you stay motivated. That is one thing in this business that is always needed to keep you going. Staying in the right mindset can be all it takes to get you over the bumps in the road. Luckily the Bonuses that are given help tremendously in preparing your mind for business success.

Now, as much as I do recommend this product, there are things that make me feel that this course is not for everybody.

What I didn't like

First off the price is really high. A lot of people don't have $997 to shell out when just starting off, so this price tag can be a major deterrent. There is a payment option that lets you pay in 3 monthly installments. This is what I chose when I signed up, it was tight on my budget but I made it happen.

Another thing that bugs me about SAS Pro was the focus being mainly on paid ads. Again, in my opinion this really isn't the right way to go when starting in this business. It may be for some, but its been my experience that using methods such as SEO and Free traffic techniques are much easier your wallet. The process may take longer to get started but it is a better route to take.

Feeling Forced

Something else that bothered me was the fact that you are pushed to promote SAS Pro while building your business. This makes it feel like you are being made to get into the Make Money Online niche. You are given options of promoting other niche products but the whole system basically evolves around promoting this high ticket course. Now, this is actually something that often happens with high ticket MMO products, so it doesn't come as a surprise. It's just that in this case I wished that they were more open to branching the course off into different niche categories.

Ok. Ok. I'm done complaining about the system. LOL.

I do recommend this product but I know that its definitely not for everyone. It is very pricey, complicated in some lessons, and can be a lot for beginners to stick with. Regardless, it is a very good system and if you've got the funds, I would say go for it.

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