Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Despite the impact of the Covid pandemic made on the world in 2020, the Travel industry continues to thrive. Now that certain restrictions have been lifted, people have finally been able to go on those much needed vacations. In fact, being cooped up at their homes for over a year, has made some want to get out more. This has created quite a surge in travel sales lately. As an online entrepreneur, now would be the time to cash in on this surge. So, in this post I'm going to go over some of the Best Affiliate Programs for Travel.

If you are a online marketer in the Travel Niche or if you are new to Affiliate marketing and would like to see some of the best affiliate programs in this niche, then this post is definitely for you. Let's dive in.

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel – Why You Should Promote Travel Products and Services

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

As I referenced above, Covid made a huge impact on global tourism. In 2020 the net worth of global tourism dropped tremendously. Leaving the airline industry in peril. Governments literally had to step in and bail them out. Sheltering the world populous in place, gave people no choice but to stay home, despite their urges to stay on the go.

Now in 2021, with most of the restrictions lifted, travelers are finally able to go on the much needed vacation trips. This has given the travel industry a huge boost, bringing the projected global tourism net worth up to 1.3 trillion US dollars.

This would be the absolute best time to start promoting travel products and services. The travel industry has always been and will continue to be extremely profitable. That being said, as an affiliate marketer it is kind of an obvious choice to promote travel services during this boost in global tourism.

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel – What Kind of Travel Products or Services Can You Promote?

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

There is actually quite a lot to promote when it comes to the Travel Niche. Some of the most obvious would be travel accessories. Items such as luggage, vacation apparel, travel bags, sunglasses, device chargers, travel pillows and reading material are all some of the obvious products.

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

There are also travel related services that you can promote as well. These services include Vacation package plans, Travel bookings, car rentals, hotel bookings, and entertainment tickets.

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Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Best Affiliate Programs For Travel

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Here is a list of the top affiliate programs that are the most profitable in 2021. In my research I took a couple things into factor when choosing the absolute best options. Those factors are:

  • What the Program Offers
  • Commission Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Affiliate Tools
Best Affiliate Programs for TravelCommission RateJoin the Program
Reservations.com7% CommissionSign Up Now
Momondo.comCommission VariesSign Up Now
CheapOair.comCommission VariesSign Up Now
Wyndham Hotel Group7% CommissionSign Up Now
Trip.com1%-5% CommissionsSign Up Now
Rentalcars.com3%-10$ CommissionsSign Up Now
TripAdvisor.com50% CommissionsSign Up Now
Travelocity.com6%-8% CommissionsSign Up Now
Showtickets.com6%-8% CommissionsSign Up Now
Sandals4% CommissionsSign Up Now
Travelzoo8% Commissions Sign Up Now
Booking.com4.25% Commissions Sign Up Now
Princess Cruise LinesVaries Sign Up Now 7% Commissions

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

First on the list is It has been a highly reputable company that provides highly recommended accommodations for hotel and car bookings. They partner with other travel booking sites to provide some of the best offers for it's visitors. can instantly provide quality hotels with customer ratings, rankings, amenities and updated discounted prices in real time. Customers can even search hotels by popularity, luxury level, or the most cost efficient.

With a mobile friendly website, customers can access last minute deals quickly and hassle free. The only aspects more gratifying than booking through is the undeniable abundance of savings they will receive and 24 hour customer service.

  • Commission Rate: 7% Commission
  • Services Offered: Hotel and Car Rental Bookings
  • Conversion Rates: High
  • Marketing Tools Provided: Definite Yes. Many Tools are given to promote.

Join Affiliate Program

Momondo: Commission Varies

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Momondo is a fairly new travel accommodating site but it is rapidly rising to be a big player among sites like TripAdvisor. They serve travelers across more than 30 markets globally. Offer a bold and colorful travel universe that provides complete price transparency across flights, hotels and cars. They also come highly recommended by CNN, The New York Times and Forbes.

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Services Offered: Flight, Hotel, and Car Rental Price comparisons
  • Conversion Rate: Above Average
  • Marketing Tools Provided: Yes, Some Banners are Provided

Join Affiliate Program has been a leading provider for travel tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and travel packages, for quite awhile now. They cater to travelers on a budget. Giving their customers the best prices on travel services, by partnering with top travel brands.

By providing travel consumers diversified travel services and top notch customer service; they have an affiliate program that has very high conversion rates.

  • Commission Rate: Varies by Prices
  • Services Offered: Provides Budget Friendly Travel Bookings
  • Conversion Rate: Very High
  • Marketing Tools: Some Tools are Provided

Join Affiliate Program

Wyndham Hotel Group

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Wyndham Hotel and Resorts is one of the largest hotel franchises in the world. Providing world class lodging in over 9,000 hotels worldwide. This ever growing company has continued to have a leading presence in the lodging industry, with over 20 hotel brands that run within this franchise.

With the ever popular Wyndham Rewards Program, travelers have enjoyed the benefits of being members. This has continued to grow the lodging companies customer base. This has created high conversion rates and major commissions for Wyndham affiliates.

  • Commission Rate: 7% Commissions on some Services and 3% on Common Sales
  • Services Offered: Hotel and Condominium Lodging
  • Conversion Rate: High
  • Marketing Tools: Many Tools are Available. Including Wyndham Rewards

Join the Wyndham Hotel Group Affiliate Program

Trip is a leading online travel agency that was established in 1999. Here they provide the best prices on all facets of travel. They have a growing number of members that has reached over 60 million worldwide.

With over 220,000 hotel facilities and well over 400,000 flight routes, Trip has a commanding presence in the travel market.

One notable point on being a Trip affiliate is the different commission rates. offers commission not only on hotel reservations, but also international flights, domestic flights and train tickets. Special deals available constantly on the website too! Low Price Guarantee.

  • Commission Rate: 1-5% Commissions
  • Services Offered: Travel Bookings on Flights, Trains, Hotels, Rental Cars and Vacation Packages
  • Conversion Rate: High
  • Affiliate Tools: Many Promotional Tools. Also available in various languages

Join Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Renting a car on will just about any travelers vacation requirements. With more than 700,000 weekly customers, you can be sure that they have some of the best rates in the market. Their affiliate program offers up to $1000 for every referred customer that becomes a member! pays commissions based on the transaction value of the car for every qualifying completed vehicle rental. As a default, you will earn 5% commission on all Pre-paid rentals and 1% commission on all Pay-local rentals ( US & Canada domestic bookings only)

  • Commission Rates: Commissions vary by model of the vehicles. Anywhere from 1-10%
  • Services Offered: car rentals and group transportation services
  • Conversion Rates: Seasonally High
  • Affiliate Tools: Some promotional material provided

Join Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site, enabling travelers to plan and book their perfect trip. They also offers advice from millions of real travelers. A wide variety in choice for trips with seamless links that let you check hundreds websites at once.

Partner with the world's largest travel site — and help your users discover great ideas for their trips.
Partnering through our affiliate program allows you to leverage TripAdvisor's brand. Earning revenue on hotel traffic as well as providing them rich content spanning 795 million reviews on 1.4 million places-to stay. With this partnership not only will they find a destination but also what type of accommodations would best suit their needs or preferences.

  • Commission Rates: 50% Commissions
  • Services Offered: Bookings for All Travel Categories
  • Conversion Rate: Very High
  • Affiliate Tools: Wide Variety of Promotional Banners and Tools

Join Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash by promoting the latest and greatest travel deals, then look no further than Travelocity. As an affiliate with this company we offer a commission for every purchase made through your website when customers book their trips using our site as reference point!

With the Travelocity Affiliate Program, you can focus on what's important: selling travel. We take care of everything else – including billing and customer service!

  • Commission Rates: 6-8% Commissions
  • Services Offered: Bookings for Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars, and Vacation Packages
  • Conversion Rate: High
  • Affiliate Tools: Various Promotional Material is Provided

Join Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Why not join the Affiliate Program and start earning up to 8% commissions?
ShowTickets is now accepting affiliate partners for their popular platform of live entertainment in Las Vegas; New York City; Orlando FLA.

As one of America’s top providers on discount ticketing solutions across multiple markets they're looking forward to meeting new faces like yours! You'll be helping people find great deals while also saving money. What could be better than that?!

  • Commission Rates: 6-8% Commissions on Average Sales of $340
  • Services Offered: Tickets for Major Shows Around the World
  • Conversion Rate: High
  • Affiliate Tools: Some Promotional Banners Provided.

Join Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

The Sandals and Beaches family is recognized around the world for their Caribbean vacations. They offer highly competitive commissions at 4% across all travel products. These range from luxury suites to private candlelight dinners, which affiliates can promote. You can also take advantage of the extensive library of promotional tools. available in banners sourced straight from resorts themselves!

Win free trips and other performance bonuses when you enroll in the Sandals & Beaches Affiliate Program.

  • Commission Rates: 4% Commission Rates
  • Services Offered: Bookings for Vacation Packages to Sandals Resorts
  • Conversion Rate: Very High
  • Affiliate Tools: Huge Library of Promotional Tools for Many Resorts

Join Affiliate Program

Travelzoo is an online travel agency that offers subscribers access to thousands of deals on hotels, cruises and more. The company's Deal Experts research each deal thoroughly before testing its true value with their offers. More than 2 thousand travel agencies companies worldwide list the best offers they have available through TravelZOO!

Tired of the same-old travel booking sites? Why not join a program that will give you an edge over your competition. Huge opportunities on travel affiliate commissions!

  • Commission Rates: 8% Commissions
  • Services Offered: Travel Deals on Flights, Cruises, and Vacation Packages
  • Conversion Rate: Very High
  • Affiliate Tools: Some Tools Provided

Join Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel is the world's top online travel agency!
A great way to see new places, meet exciting people and experience life in a way you never imagined before– all from just one website. has been at the forefront of travel bookings globally and they show now signs of slowing down.

Join the Affiliate Partner Program and start earning commission on bookings made through your website. Signing up is free. It only takes a minute to get started with one of their verified affiliate links in any trusted travel agency software like Expedia or Travelocity (or even Google).

  • Commission Rates: 4.25% Commissions
  • Services Offered: Worlds Top Travel Booking Agency
  • Conversion Rate: Very High
  • Affiliate Tools: A Huge Assortment of Affiliate Tools are Provided

Join Affiliate Program

Princess Cruise Lines

Best Affiliate Programs for Travel

Princess Cruises has been a staple of the cruise industry for over 50 years. They have grown from being one of many lines to rank third, behind Carnival and Royal Caribbean in popularity rankings worldwide!

The Princess Cruise Affiliate Program is a new way for travel bloggers and affiliate marketers to monetize their website traffic. This program offers an increased opportunity of making up-to $15k per month as well as full or part time job opportunities by connecting with one of the most trusted names in luxury leisure travel!

  • Commission Rates: Commission Varies
  • Services Offered: Cruise Ship Vacation Packages
  • Conversion Rate: High
  • Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tools are Provided

Join Affiliate Program


As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time for us all to start thinking about our goals for 2022. I know what my goal is–to make this year the best one yet! And part of that plan includes making sure you are using some of these travel affiliate programs in your digital marketing strategies. These services will help you save money and get amazing deals on flights, hotels, cruises and more! So find out which ones work best for you by checking them out now.

If you are looking to take your affiliate business to the next level, then check out my #1 Recommendation for Free Affiliate Marketing Training and Strategies. You will get some of the best tools and support you need to reach your goals.

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